Babi Guling Candra or better known as just ‘Candra’ is a famous restaurant especially amongst Chinese living in Jakarta & Surabaya. That is obviously proven when you’re there. Only Jakarta & Surabaya people crowds that eatery, even during non peak period of the day. The restaurant is situated on the busy office street of ‘Denpasar’ and thus parking might be an issue but if you’re a fan of pork, I’m sure you would not mind the hassle.

The Main menu that i recommended for you to try are: Sate Babi (pork satay), Nasi Campur Spesial, and Babi Goreng.

For 10 sticks of pork satay all you need to pay is IDR 20,000. Quiet pricey for just 10 sticks. But the juice worth the squeeze.

Nasi Campur Special is priced for IDR 30,000 a plate. It is consist of pork that cooked well, pork satay at the side, crunchy pork crackling,  and vegetables dishes for the compliment.

Babi Goreng is priced for IDR. 60,000 a plate. This is the real main menu of this warung. Everybody like this and will recommend you to try. It taste slightly crispy, slightly chewy, heavy on the sweet side meat dish. Maybe they used honey and definitely sweet soy sauce (kecap manis) to give the color and the taste.

Eat this with steam white rice and chili with a few sticks of pork satay and you’ll come back here again the next time you’re on your Bali trip !

Babi Guling Candra details:

  • Location: Jalan Teuku Umar no 140, Denpasar – Bali
  • Phone (for reservations): (0361) 221 – 278, (0361) 994 – 0098
  • Recommended menu : Pork satay, Babi Goreng, Nasi Campur Spesial.
  • Price: Maximum IDR 150,000 / pax
Where is Bali’s Best Babi Guling (Suckling Pig)? First Suggestion: Babi Guling Candra.