We just enter 2014, the year of Horse. The Chinese said that this year we should work just the way the horse does. Yes, we must do our work as best as we could. And after you did your job well, don’t forget to have your vacation in Bali. Hence, here Holiday bali Amertha will facilitate you to have body relieve through Water activities.

You could purchase a voucher or ticket for Tanjung benoa watersport, with the most competitive price in Bali, free transport with air conditioned vehicles, and the most important thing it is fully covered by insurances. We have Water sport with the most complete facilities such as: shower and changing room, safety locker, use of towel, and wide free parking lot.

With only 20 minutes from Airport and maximum 30 minutes from Kuta, Tanjung Benoa water sport is really accessible. You able to reach this place by using our competitive-priced-rent-car service with or without driver. Its depend on your comfort. But, for us it is really recommended to hire a driver, so you will not lost in your way since our driver is a professional local driver that only give his service for tourism purposes and speaks good in English.

Why must book thru Holiday Bali Amertha?

  • Give the most competitive price
  • Serve with smiles (hospitality)
  • Fare playing duration, we guarantee it will not cut-off your playing durations.
  • Have a secure private lockers
  • Free transport*
  • Free use of towels
  • All activities are covered by insurance
  • Trained and certified instructors
  • All equipments meet standard regulation for water activities




Publish Price

Holiday Bali Amertha Price



One round



 Banana Boat

15 minutes



min 2 pax

 Jetski 15 minutes



 Fliying fish

2 x fly



min 2 pax

 Rolling Dougnut

15 minutes



min 2 pax


One hour



min 2 pax

 Glassbottomed Boat, Turtle Island

One hour



min 2 pax, max 10 pax


15 minutes



 Sea Walker

30 minutes



min 2 pax


**Publish Price: Price that you get on site

**Holiday Bali Amertha Price: The price that only can be got from booking through Holiday Bali Amertha. Holiday Bali Amertha is certified agent for selling voucher or tickets of Tanjung Benoa water sport. We guarantee our price is always cheaper than publish price.


Promo Water Sport Packages (Include insurance & transport).

Package A.

Activities: Sea-walker, Banana boat, Para-sailing. Price only: IDR. 595,000

Package B.

Activities: Banana boat, Para-sailing, Flying fish. Price only: IDR. 320,000

Package C.

Activities: Para-sailing, Glass bottomed boat, Turtle Island. Price only: IDR. 385,000

Package D.

Activities: Banana boat, Para-sailing, Snorkeling. Price only: IDR. 425,000

Package E.

Activities: Scuba Diving, Banana boat, Para-sailing. Price only: IDR. 495,000

Package F.

Activities: Scuba diving, Para-sailing, Flying fish. Price only: IDR. 575,000

Package G.

Activities: Banana boat, Para-sailing, Jet-ski. Price only: IDR. 315,000

Watersport Tanjung Benoa – Promo 2014 Holiday Bali Amertha