The Barong dance represent on eternal fight between good and evil spirit. Barong (a mythological animal) represent a good spirit and Rangda (a mythological monster) represent an evil one.


Followed by his friend, the monkey, the tiger comes up. Three masked dancers appear representing Meri, making palm wine in the forest whose child is killed by the tiger. the three men get angry and attack the tiger which is helped by the monkey. During the fight the nose of one of the three men was bitten off.


Two girls (dancers) appear representing the servant of the Rangda. They looking for the servarites of Dewi Kunti who are on the way to meet their Patih.


Dewi Kunti followers arrived. One of the followers of Rangda transfigured into a demon (a kind of Rangda ) and enter a demon spirit to Dewi Kunti’s followers, which make them angry .


Dewi Kunti and her son; Sahadewa emerged. Dewi Kunti has promised to Rangda to hand over Sahadewa as a victim . Dewi Kunti actually not want to sacrifice his son Sahadewa to the Rangda, but devil (a kind of Rangda ) insert an evil spirit that caused her to become angry and willingly to sacrifice his son. With the assistance of Patih, she exiles Sahadewa into the jungle. Patih is also being inserted an evil spirit by the devil which make Patih with no humanity herd Sahadewa into the jungle and tied him in-front of Rangda’s palace.

Come down Dewa Siwa and give immortal life to Sahadewa. This incident is not known by Rangda . Then came Rangda to tearing and killing Sahadewa but he can not be killed because of immunity bestowed by Dewa Siwa . Rangda surrender to Sahadewa and begged to be saved so that he could go to heaven . The demand is met by Sahadewa and then Rangda got heaven .


When one of the Rangda’s followers (Kalika) facing Sahadewa to ask for forgiveness, it was rejected by Sahadewa. This rejection cause fights and Kalika transfigured into a “wild boar” and in the struggle between Sahadewa and the wild boar, Sahadewa gets victory.  Then Kalika (wild boar) is turned into a “bird”. Kalika remains defeated. And finally Kalika (bird) transfigured into “Rangda”. Because of his magic, Rangda cannot be killed by Sahadewa and eventually Sahadewa transfigured into a “Barong”. Since they have the same magical strength then the fight between Barong against Rangda is no winning this fight and thus lasts forever. Then came the Barong’s followers, each with a Keris to help barong  in the fight against Rangda. they are all not succeeded in crippling the magic of the Rangda.

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Barong & Kris Dance Synopsis