Its really nice to meet you. Knowing that you already visit my website is totally a different happiness to me. Hence, only a huge thank you that might i say to you all.

Family of Ketut Adi Agus Saputra
From left to right : me, my father, my (late) mom, big brother (in the back with hat), dewa (my nephew), asta (young brother of dewa), my sister in law, ayung (my niece), my sister, upik (my niece), and my brother in law.

My name is Ketut Adi Agus Saputra. I am the third child from 3 children in the family. I Was Born in Busungbiu village (a small village in buleleng distric, around 35kms to the west) on August 13th, 1984. My father; Ketut Suter is a Elementary school’s teacher, My mom; (the late) Made Yoni is only a good housewife, My Oldest brother; Wayan Superman is a military pilot, My Order Sister; Made Suparmini is also a teacher, and the youngest children in family is Me; the owner of Holiday Bali Amertha and also as a English speaking driver.

I spent my childhood in Busungbiu till i graduated from junior high in 1999. I graduated from senior high school at 2002 and since that time I moved outside Bali. I have been in Malang (east java) for almost 4 years, Jakarta for almost 1 year, East Kalimantan for more then 4 years. After gaining a lot of experiences outside Bali, then,  I decide to coming back to Bali in 2009, and start working in Multi level marketing’s office as a data entry for more then 4 years. and Finally on 2012 I open Holiday Bali Amertha tour and transport.

On July 25th, 2013, i married my beloved wife; Ni Nyoman Lian Kastari.

The wedding of Ketut Adi Agus Saputra
The wedding of Ketut Adi Agus Saputra


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