Rafting telaga waja

Telaga Waja is a river that is located in the eastern part of Bali that also acknowledged as the best river for Rafting in the island. Telaga Waja White Water Rafting sets up at part of the created nature's beauty starts at the slope of Mt. Abang runs through idyllic villages and jungle slopes along the area of Rendang onward to the area of Klungkung and ends to the sea. The starting point is located close to the Besakih ; The mother temple, and Telaga Waja river cuts the foot of the highest mountain on Bali that is Mount Agung on the north side. It is not known why the name is Bali Telaga Waja. Telaga in Balinese means pool, pond or lake, while waja or Baja is metal. It is no reference in Balinese word could lead to any understanding on what is behind the word of metal pool, as the fact a pool or lake has the water staying, but river or tukad in Balinese has running water which is always ending on the sea.

Telaga Waja River Rafting Bali-Class III – IV / Beginner

Event though Ayung River is the most famous Bali river for rafting in Bali because it's close to Ubud, but for those who seek more different type of rapids class, than Telaga Waja river is still the best Bali river for rafting. Telaga Waja River for beginner people in rafting activities you don't need to worry, Telaga Waja White Water River is one of the best river that should be tried for beginner and for those with family. Telaga Waja River offer mix of difficulties class rapids from class III to class IV rapids, those will create some unique challenge on certain part of the river and you can enjoy your raft flow on the rapids while enjoy the beauty of the scenery. The length of this river for rafting 16 km, and it will take 2.5 hours from start point to finish point. Telaga Waja river offer beautiful view of rice field, tropical forest and water fall that spill water in to the river. River of Telaga Waja the natural environment is still well preserve, less pollution on this area because it’s far away from any city. So if you look for fresh air, fresh water and fresh environment, than you should do rafting at Telaga Waja.

raftingYou can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the river with the rapids very challenging even at the finish point we will encounter rapids as high as 5 meters. Despite having rapids level 3-4 this river remains safe for beginner as long as participants comply with all intructions of the guides. At the end of the adventure you will be a little walk to our restaurant which overlooks the stunning cliffs and rice paddies with showers completed with soap, shampoo, towels, changing rooms and toilets. Enjoy Indonesian buffet lunch provided by our chef after making a trip for 2 hours, will be a very memorable experience for you.

Telaga Waja River is the main river used, as it is one of the best rivers in Bali that has various characteristics for White Water Rafting activity with a grading between 3 and 4. In some parts, you will experience the splash from the waterfall. You will no doubt be amazed and satisfied in exploring this beautiful river. Therefore, you also give some contributions in preserving the nature of Telaga Waja River. With Telaga Waja White Water Rafting you will get all those fun things, extreme adventure, enjoyable trip, friendly staffs, delicious hot buffet lunch (halal food), fresh in mind and body and back to your hotel with out air conditioned well maintained car.


Telaga Waja Rafting Tour Price :

Adult : USD 35/person
Children : USD 30/children

Note :

  • The Price of Bali Telaga Waja Rafting quote per person for minimun booking for 2 person
  • Get Bali Telaga Waja Rafting special price for group booking
  • Afternoon Rafting Minimum 4 person for free return transfer 
  • Children aged from 9 - 12 years old

Telaga Waja Rafting Tour Services Include

  • Return Transfer from your hotel
  • Coffee or tea on arrival
  • Safety-approved Rafting equipment
  • Professional River Guide
  • Use of towels and shower facilities
  • Changing room and toilet facilities
  • Buffet Lunch with Indonesian Food
  • Insurance coverage

Bali Telaga Waja Rafting Trip Duration :

  • Preparation : 0.5 hours
  • Rafting : 2,5 hours
  • Lunch, shower, change clothes : 0.5 - 1 hour

What to Bring During Bali Telaga Waja Rafting Tour :

  • Rafting outfit, T-shirt, short pants or swimsuit, river sandals!
  • A change of clothes for use after the activities
  • Sun Screen
  • Money for drinks in the restaurant
  • If you want to purchase a picture or video of your rafting, please bring some money 
  • Permanent Tipping lDR 10,000.-

Restrictions :

Doing Rafting Tour at Telaga Waja River is not recommended for pregnant woman or people with recent back or neck injuries, heart problems, epilepsy or asthma

Telaga Waja Rafting Tour Itinerary :

Morning Session

  • 07.00 - pick up at hotel (the time is depend on your location)
  • 09.45 - arrive at starting point of telaga waja river, short briefing and change of clotch
  • 10.00 - enjoy the telaga waja rafting adventure
  • 12.00 - rafting finish and go to finish point
  • 12.30 - enjoy lunch buffet Indonesian Food
  • 13.30 - lunch finish and back to hotel
  • 15.00 - arrive at hotel

Afternoon Session

  • 11.00 - pick up at hotel
  • 13.00 - arrive at starting point of telaga waja river
  • 13.30 - enjoy the telaga waja rafting adventure
  • 15.30 - rafting finish and go to finish point
  • 16.00 - enjoy meal
  • 17.00 - meal finish and back to hotel
  • 18.30 - arrive at hotel

Bali Telaga Waja Rafting Pick Up Time

Nusa Dua
Candi Dasa


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