It was in the 17th century that an adopted son of the King of Mengwi received a heavenly message to build a temple on Sari Hill in Mengwi. His obedience towards God’s order turned the once barren place with no plants at all into a green area surrounded and protected by trees. It is said that all the shrubs and trees were supernaturally teleported by God Ida Bhatara from His holy volcano, Mount Agung. However, that wasn’t the only magic occurring that day, for hundreds of monkeys were also ‘sent’ to the temple area to complement the trees.

These monkeys immediately started occupying their positions as protectors inside and around the temple. Some faithful elders in this area claimed that they can verbally communicate with the monkeys – but only when they are praying and focused. In fact, the elders claim that anybody can communicate with the monkeys. If you are in highly-focused state, it is believed that you can hear the monkeys talk – and you can talk back to them – and see the trees walking around guarding the area. Today, this area is called Sangeh, Mengwi. Due to its abundance of trees and monkeys, Sangeh is also for many times referred as Monkey Forest. many Balinese people consider Sangeh as the real Monkey Forest in Bali – not to be confused with the famous one located in Ubud.

Articles adopted from : Bali Now! Magazine.

SANGEH “Where the Monkeys TALK and the Trees WALK”