1. Traffic. Ok, not in the sense that it’s extremely slow and busy, but navigating Bali traffic does put you in a short of mental green room where you’re making tons of calculations every second. Driving in the west is a boring affair where you are essentially on auto pilot in your lane the entire time. The minute something goes awry, you never prepared for it. Over here, you’re prepared for anything at any time which must mean you’re at a heightened mental state and your situational awareness is at it’s finest.

2. Taxis. While taxis can sometimes really suck here with their lack of professionalism, disregard for traffic, and general propensity to try to rip you off, you must admit, they are plentiful and cheap. A night out of town in most places means you have to get a designated driver to cart you and your drunken friends around for you. Over here, at worst, it’s s just a hard haggle away from a ride home.

3. Service. Ok, so restaurant service here isn’t all that great. But domestic service is affordable and pretty amazing. Think about it. If you had to clean your own dishes, wash yoir own clothes, sweep your own floor, make your own bed, clean your own toilet, etc, you’d be spending a lot of time or you’d be a slob. The price of domestic labor here is so affordable that all those hours potentially spent on hygiene could be spent doing more rewarding things like watching cat videos on Youtube.

4. Food. You’d be hard pressed to find cuisine that’s this flavorful, cheap, and healthy (well, if you want it to be). We’re not saying Indonesian food is the best in the world, but you definitely miss it when you leave.

5. Beaches. They might not be the cleanest beaches in the world, but there are sure is a lot of variety available on the island and more deserted spots are just a short plane or boat ride away.

6. Dress code. You can pretty much wear whatever you want wherever you want here. Sure, they’re a couple exceptions, but the most part, shorts and sandals are cool just about everywhere. Now, I can feel you fashionistas shaking your heads, but think about, this also means you can dress as ridiculously as you want.

7. Police. If you’ve ever been to the west, you know that cops are normally not the coolest people in the world. They will ruin your day and / or life at the drop of a hat. Cops here, well, they try to make things really easy for you so that you can avoid going to court…. and you might even get a beer out of it.

Articles adopted from : The Beat Magazine.

Top SEVEN things you miss about Bali when you leave..